Designer Bags As Diaper Bags

Personally I don’t care for the way most diaper bags look, they just aren’t my style and not all that stylish period. I’m going to be carrying around a bag 3x the size of my purse that needs to fit all my child’s essentials, and I want it to look good, is that too much to ask for? Oh and one more thing, I also wanted a bag that my boyfriend would enjoy carrying around when he was out with Zayn, and he’s way more picky than I am. A designer bag was my best option, they aren’t cheap, but it’s a bag I’d be using everyday, they’re durable and built to last, and eventually can be used for other things. I knew I would get my monies worth. I ended up with the Balenciaga, and later transitioned to the Gucci backpack, which I still use now that my son is older and doesn’t need as much. Below are my personal favorites for designer bags that can be used as diaper bags. xoxo, A

Gucci Print Half Moon Hobo Bag

Balenziaga Bazar Shopper

Saint Laurent Shopping Bag

Goyard Victoria Tote 

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Souple Duffel

Gucci GG Marmont backpack

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