Gifts For The Guy Who Has Everything

If your boyfriend is anything like mine buying a normal gift for him is a lot more challenging. He’s very specific on what clothes he buys, mostly only wearing Saint Laurent because he “likes the way it fits.” Or just having such a strong opinion on all things fashion. So when it comes to wowing him with my gift giving abilities I have to be a lot more creative if I want to gain good girlfriend points. Here are a few of my favorite gifts I have come up with Our first date was in Italy, crazy I know but what a special weekend that was. (If you want to really fall in love go to Venice). Shortly after that was our first Christmas. I wanted something special and meaningful. Staying with his favorite designer trend I opted for a Saint Laurent passport holder and branded his initials inside for a personal touch. Also not a bad gift to say “I want to travel the world with you!”

Saint Laurent Passport Case 

Cologne is always a nice go to gift. But my boyfriend isn’t easy when it comes to scents. Popular fregrances like Tom Ford just won’t do. He wants stuff less popular and more exclusive. When I heard his favorite brand Byredo was doing a collab with Off-White I knew I had to get my hands on a bottle. I got lucky with knowing someone who got me a bottle three months before its release. Major girlfriend points! But that won’t always be the case. Listen to what he likes and get him something from his go to brand that he wouldn’t buy himself.

Byredo Elevator Music 

We recently moved into a new home. A house that I really wanted! The pregnant nesting stage has me trying to control as much as I can when it comes to our new space. So much so that I refused to let him unpack his own stuff just so I could organize things exactly the way I wanted. But I sill want him to feel comfortable and enjoy our home equally. I got him a Hermes ashtray, something I knew he wanted but was not in a rush to buy. A piece of decor that is masculine for him and adds his touch to our home and yet elegant enough to match my style.

Hermes Mosaïque Ashtray

  Love, R

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