Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Growing up I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween… so of course as an adult it’s my favorite holiday. Halloween is the only day of the year where it’s socially acceptable for men and women of all ages to feel like a kid again without any sort of judgment or… dress like slut (cue Mean Girls quotes) without anyone thinking twice. And honestly why would you hate on a holiday that encourages you to eat free candy??? Of course in true Alahna fashion I wait until the last minute to take my costume shopping seriously,  and if you’re anything like me you are also costumeless. So before all the good ones are snatched up in your size here’s a list of ideas for this years costumes! I’m taking Zayn trick or treating for the first time this year so I’ve also included some cute parent/child options!



Little Red Riding Hood Gone Bad?

 Obviously I totally made this up I really just wanted to do fun makeup and bought my costume on Halloween soooo unprepared. But I ended up loving it!! And no one else at the party was the same thing as me so it was a win.


Sexy Ninja

One of my first Halloweens in LA me and my two best friends dressed up in matching costumes as ninjas, and now that I really think about it we actually ended up buying boy/children ninja costumes and cut it into shorts and wore thigh high boots with fishnets… ahh the memories, I wish I had pictures!!! Instead of wearing my hair inside that hooded thing I would definitely recommend a high ponytail.


Because this time last year I was in Germany (fun fact Oktoberfest is a catfish, it doesn’t even really happen in October, it starts in November and ends the first week of October) and these traditional outfits are actually a thing and I’m obsessed. And you can carry around a huge beer mug all night so that pretty much sells itself.

Glitter Space Mermaid

GLITTER. SPACE. MERMAID. sold. You could do the best make up!!! Honestly debating leaving this one up cause I might use this.


Because snake print is really in right now.

Cat In The Hat Baby & Mom

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? Love how easy this costume would be for Zayn, minimal things for him to rip off and at his age that is definitely a priority.

The Big (little) Bad Wolf & Red Riding Hood

How could you not use this idea?! This is the cutest thing in the world.

Scarecrow & Dorthy From The Wizard Of Oz

Honestly this is going to make mom just look really cute but they’re not going to remember it anyways lol. Jk. But I like this idea because if you have more than one child you can add the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch, Oz, the Lion… the list goes on.






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