Holiday Hair Ideas

I love the holiday season because that means parties and I love any excuse to dress up! These types of special occasions give me a chance to experiment with different make up and hair looks I wouldn’t do on a normal day. Here are a few fun easy hair tricks to jazz up your look for that ugly sweater party.



Bobby Pins are such an easy way to add to your regular hairstyle.

You probably already own a few and if you don’t they are cheap and come in a bunch of colors.

Meta Grip are my go to brand of bobby pins they come in gold, black, bronze, silver and white

with a few different size options. They are super strong and very cheap.

You can also use more colorful colors like these pins from Amazon


Ribbon isn’t just used for gifts

The best and most affordable place to buy ribbon I think is a arts and crafts place like Michaels

they have more options then necessary


Sparkle ans Shine makes your go to hairstyle holiday friendly

To achieve that gold part or fun glittery ends look you can use glitter gel’s made especially for hair like these found at Target and Ulta Beauty

For the gold shiny look you can find affordable gold leaf foil on Amazon in gold, silver and rose gold and just apply on top of gel, a sticky pomade and hair spray.

the best part is these products shampoo out at the end of the night



Thank you Pinterest and Brittany Sullivan (@brittsully) for images and inpso for this post

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