I Finally Tried A Wig

I spent years getting weaves back to back and completely forgetting (neglecting) my natural hair, when I got pregnant for whatever reason I stopped getting my hair done and just started wearing my hair curly. I love my curls and since I’ve finally got them somewhat healthy the last thing I want to do is ruin them by straighteningthem every time I want a change. I’ve always been interested in the versatility wigs give you, having like 15 different wigs all different colors, lengths and textures that I can choose to wear based on my mood or outfit is something I need in my life!

I finally purchased my first wig a couple weeks ago and I’m so mad it’s taken me this long to try them out. I purchased mine from Hair Queen LA , the cool thing about them is you can go in and try their huge selection of wigs, if you end up buying one you can get it installed by a stylist that day. It’s really a one stop shop. Wigs are so much quicker to install and takedown that I don’t ever see myself going back to weaves. I’ll definitely update you guys in the future on my growing collection. If you’ve worn wigs before tell me about your experience!




Hair Queen LA – https://hairqueenla.com/

5363 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036




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