My Favorite Christmas Gift Ideas for 2018

Christmas gift giving shouldn’t be a super stressful thing, but for whatever reason I get stressed about it every year. Most of my stress comes from the fact I wait till the week of Christmas to shop for a lot of my friends gifts. Some of it is because I have some pretty successful people in my life, and it’s hard to give people great gifts who buy everything they could want for themselves already. Here are some things I’ve been eyeing as presents for the special people in my life!

MEDICAL SPA GIFT CARD (I’d recommend $50 or more but honestly anything is amazing) – Spa days are expensive! Help your girl ( or guy ) out and gift them with the gift of looking and feeling good! They can choose what treatments they want from injections, facials, laser hair removal, the list goes on! I linked one of my favorite medical spas here in LA but obviously almost every city has one, just choose one that works best for you.

HERMES NOTEBOOK $50 – This notebook will look great on any desk, $50 may seem like a splurge for a notebook, but it’s designer! I like this gift because it’s something that a person wouldn’t think to buy themselves but will really enjoy getting.

COFFEE TABLE BOOK $50-$100 – I love coffee table books, there are so many great ones to choose from and new ones coming out all the times. Really no one can have too many, they can be placed obviously on the coffee table but also on nightstands, tv consoles, entryway tables, and side tables. Also there are so many categories it’s easy to find one that would interest just about everyone from a friend to coworkers to grandparents. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a house that didn’t have at least one. I linked one that I personally want but that’s just an example.

 APPLE AIRPODS $159– I’ll be the first to admit I hated on these things so hard when they first came out. I don’t even remember or know why but then I got a pair and I’m addicted. I can’t imagine not having them and hate when I have to talk on the phone without them. If anyone in you life has kids this is the life saving gift they never knew they needed. I lost one and have been looking for it for weeks, so sad. You can get the white pair from Apple but you can also order them in custom colors from other sites, which is just the special touch this gift needs to take it from good to amazing. If you decide to order the custom ones, the earlier you order the better to ensure they’re ready by Christmas. I’ve linked both sites bellow.

BE@RBRICK – For the trendy Hypebeast or art lover in your life let me to introduce to BE@RBRICKS, if you’re not already familiar. Depending on the size and the collab some of these can cost up to thousands of dollars, turn into collectables and the resale value can double. Don’t assume this gift is just for guys! It couldn’t be farther from the truth, since they come in so many different colors they’re a great fit in anyone’s home. Again I’ve linked one I’m currently interested in but a simple google search will pull up so much more. 

VINTAGE DESIGNER – Vintage designer has never been more in than now. From purses to clothing and small accessories there are so many ways to flaunt this trend and surprisingly the prices aren’t bad. For the fashion lover in you life it can be tricky to gift clothes but it’s hard to go wrong with pretty much anything vintage designer. I linked my favorite place below but of course you can find a lot of places on your own. If you really want to snag a good deal, go to you local thrift stores or estate sales for the perfect find.

OFF-WHITE PHONE CASE $90 – Virgil can do no wrong and neither can you with this great gift. Most people have their phones in their hand more than anything and every phone needs a phone case, this practical stylish gift will be used everyday! 

Okay so as you can see I’m one of those people who goes shopping for someone else’s gift and ends up buying a bunch of stuff for themselves. This list started out as gifts for other people but I realized I wanted all this stuff too lol. If you guys have any added suggestions for great gifts this year let me know!










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