Sneaking In Vegetables Mom Life 101

Zayn is 20 months now, and like many other kids his age, getting him to eat vegetables is a veryyy tricky process. He’s becoming smarter and so much more aware that many of the tricks I was using when he was younger (everyone spoon is an airplane, showing him one thing and sneaking in another) just don’t work anymore. So over the past few months I’ve had to get creative with our meals and sneak in vegetables wherever I can. Eventually I would love for him to just eat squash, mushrooms and spinach all on his own but for now this is how it goes in our kitchen and when we go out to eat, here are 8 ways to sneak in vegetables  that I know my toddler will eat every time!



Pizza with steamed spinach, broccoli and/or mushrooms

This one is pretty easy and always a hit, if you’re using frozen pizza (no judgement) or getting pizza delivered, just add some steamed spinach or any other veggie you choose chopped up or whole! We enjoy going to places like Blaze Pizza where you can customize your own personal pizza.

(Image via Taste of Home)

Scrambled eggs with spinach and/or cauliflower

For this super simple breakfast I use a food processor and add spinach or cauliflower until I get very small pieces, the smaller the better for me. I add the vegetables to a bowl with my eggs and milk whisk it together then put into a frying pan. I personally add cheese at the end but do you.

(Image via Super Healthy Kids)

Veggie/ black bean burger

I was eating a vegan diet pretty much the whole time in Germany and I really fell in love with black bean burgers. They were just from the refrigerated section in most grocery stores, either called Nature Gourmet or Garden Gourmet, but they tasted sooo good! Sadly I haven’t found a brand comparable in the states but I’ll keep looking.

(Image via Making Thyme for Healthy)

Waffles with squash puree

A couple years ago Reba got me waffle maker for Christmas and I’ve put it to so much use lately. I used to be an Eggo girl (dont judge!!!) but making your own waffles is so easy and a lot of fun. I simply chop and puree some squash, add a little bit of cinnamon and add it to my waffle mix! So easy and Zayn has no clue.

(Image via A Sweet Pea Chef) 

Smoothies with veggies

If you saw my story on Instagram last week you saw how messy smoothies can get. It’s taken me a couple tries testing out which flavors Zayn likes from home or Jamba but I think I’ve finally got it down. This an easy way to get in vegetables and yucky medicine!

(Image via Lifestyle Magazine)

Grilled cheese with avocado

This is super easy to make at home, simple puree the avocado put it on the bread, add cheese, etc. etc. Also a good one for most restaurants! We end up eating out a lot for lunch and very few restaurants haven’t been able to accommodate this easy meal.

(Image via Craft Create Cook)

Sweet potatoes fries over regular fries

Pretty self explanatory.

(Image via Center Cut Cook)

Pasta vegetables

Before I had a kid I swore I would never give mine frozen food. Well I do. Props to the moms that don’t. But I do. This is the EASIEST vegetable meal and definitely Zayn’s favorite. Honestly I eat it too because it really is good. It takes 3 min in the microwave and boom. Your kid is eating a 100% vegetable meal and probably asking seconds.

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