UPDATE: My Favorite Christmas Gift Ideas for 2018

 I already gave you a list for Christmas gift ideas (click here if you missed it) but I still haven’t done any actual Christmas shopping yet. Apparently I just really enjoy stressing myself out and waiting until the last minute to do anything important. I’m going to work on that 2019. But I haven’t been just doing nothing, I’ve been window shopping for presents. I have a few more great options for you guys since you really enjoyed my last post! So for my fellow dramatic procrastinators this one’s for you!! 



*Everything is linked just click on the picture for easy shopping* 

OFF WHITE C/O VIRGIL ABLOH SOCKS $95-I  just realized last weekend I don’t have enough high socks, you might have someone in your life who’s in the same predicament. They don’t have to be Off White, look at Prada, Gucci, Balenciaga, Fendi, Supreme, Yeezy the list goes on.  

AIRLINE GIFT CARD $Your Choice- The gift of travel. This is my FAVORITE FAVORITE gift. I had no idea that airlines even sold gift cards but honey. They do. You can purchase it as an e-gift card or have it sent in the mail and it can be used for ANY flight. Groundbreaking. 

JO MALONE CANDLE $36-$495 –I love getting around the home items as gifts. Things you would buy for yourself but it’s always nice not to have to. And Jo Malone is  given, this is a decent gift for anyone but especially for people that you literally have no idea what to get them. Everyone can appreciate a good smelling candle. 

LA MER THE MINI MIRACLE SET $95 –I don’t even need to explain do I? And this is DEAL. You’re welcome. 

Z GALLERIE OSLO THROW  –  Yes.. this is a gift for someone else, but my advice is to give it to someone you’re close to, so that everytime you come over you can snuggle with it on the couch. A win win. These blankets are the softest I swear. 

MELANIE MILLS GLEAM BODY RADIANCE $18-$45 –I just picked this up  yesterday but I’ve heard such good things about it for years!  

ROSE QUARTZ GEM WATER BOTTLE $98-Rose quartz is the stone of love. Give your friend the ultimate gift of hydration mixed with calm, healing and loving vibes. 

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