Not Your Average Milk Mask

If you’re anything like me and willing to try almost anything to get good skin then this post is for you. When my baby girl was a few weeks old she was breaking out really bad and even tho everything I read said that baby acne was normal I still consulted her doctor. I was told to rub breastmilk on it. If breastmilk could clear up my baby’s breakouts could it cure mine? I started doing a drop or two as spot treatments on me and my boyfriend and was pleasantly surprised. We would joke about how could we bottle this up and make a skincare product. I got a brilliant idea to try to add it to a face mask!

Charcoal masks help pull out dirt and toxins from your skin as well as exfoliate and since breastmilk has all these good qualities for skin, I decided to combine the two!

About two tablespoons of powder and 1ounce of breast milk makes the perfect mask. You want it to be on the thicker side so it doesn’t slide off your face.

I will warn you that charcoal powder is pretty messy so just be mindful and once it drys it flakes off so you know its time to wash!

My skin felt amazing after, literally so soft!!! I hope all lactating moms try this trick and tell me all about your experience!



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